Missing Persons

Someone can go missing from their loved ones for a variety of reasons. Our family-run team of investigators has been locating people for more than 15 years now. We have a wealth of experience in tracking down runaways, children who have been abducted, hard-to-find witnesses and fugitives, among many others. One of our specialties is helping people find their missing loved ones, either right when the person disappears or after the police have stopped working on the case.

Contacting the police, of course, is the first step. They will take a report and start their investigation — but sometimes the process begins to stall. If there are no new leads, you may not hear much from law enforcement after awhile. But then there are the people who love the missing person: They are not ready to give up looking, and neither are we. Our entire business is centered around family, so we’re dedicated to finding anyone who is missing and has a loved one who cares.

You can count on us to help investigate all cases that revolve around someone who has disappeared from your life. So for the best help in tracking down missing persons in Denver or across Colorado, call us right away. Our training in the military, law enforcement, private investigations and forensic science goes a long way toward locating missing people. 

Your peace of mind is our goal

With every client, Alternative Crisis Solutions will provide sound, proven advice, solutions and a sense of clarity to those who find themselves in a very difficult situation. And every situation that involves someone who is missing is different. If, for example, a child has gone missing, local law enforcement will almost always be very supportive, as will the community at large. When a teenager or adult goes missing, getting an abundance of help can be more difficult.

If you’d like to have help in addition to the police, or that possibility has run out, call us. We are not willing to give up on finding your missing loved one.

Among the categories we specialize in when it comes to missing persons:

  • Missing children: The 1982 Missing Children’s Act defines a missing child as a person who is younger than 18 whose whereabouts are unknown to his or her legal custodian, and has been removed without the custodian’s legal consent. In states that have the Amber Alert, parents of a missing child can contact their local police to file a report. Unlike instances with adults, there is no 24-hour waiting period when it comes to missing children. If the circumstances meet the Amber Alert criteria, the police will issue an alert for the child. For more about these guidelines, visit the Amber Alert website.
  • Missing adults: In these cases, a report will only be filed after the person has been gone for 24 hours. Unfortunately, those 24 hours can be crucial when it comes to locating the individual safely. If you’re sure that an adult in your life is indeed missing and law enforcement is not offering the assistance you’re looking for, contact us.
  • Stranger abductions: If a loved one is taken by a non-family member by force, you’re dealing with a stranger abduction. Every minute counts in these situations, and you should utilize every resource available to you.
  • Family abductions: This type of crime is much more common than most people realize — in fact, family abductions occur much more often than stranger-related kidnappings or abductions. These often occur during a custody battle.
  • Human/sex trafficking: Sadly, more than 17,000 people are being trafficked in this country every year, for either slave labor, prostitution or even the black-market organ industry. Of the victims, approximately 80 percent are female and 20 percent are male, ranging in age from 10 to 50. Experts provide a sobering statistic: A homeless teenager will likely be approached by a trafficker within 72 hours of being on the street. They could end up across the United States or even in another country. If you suspect someone you know may be a victim of human trafficking, call us right away.
  • Runaways: If your teenager runs away and there is no sign of foul play, the police will likely just file a report. But we understand that this is a situation that no family wants to take lightly. If you enlist our help, we’ll begin investigating and will help find your teen as quickly as possible.
  • Suspicious disappearance: If a loved one has disappeared and you don’t feel right about what may have happened, call us. We will do our very best to find out what happened and help find the person for you.

It is our business to help close cases that pertain to missing persons in Denver and across Colorado. We have helped countless people find missing people, and we can do the same for you. Call our experts today.