Armed Protection

If you feel that you or your family may be in danger and law enforcement isn’t an option for help, call us. Our Denver armed protection team is made up of highly trained specialists who have backgrounds in the Marines, the Army, mixed martial arts, boxing and other fields. We are not a bodyguard service, but instead offer short-term safety solutions and threat assessments.

Among the types of armed protection we can provide:

  • Personal/Executive Armed Protection: There are times when people feel that they could be in danger due to a temporary situation in their lives. Our armed agents will make certain that you’re secure at all times for the duration of our services.
  • Family Armed Protection: We understand that nothing is more important than keeping your family safe and out of harm’s way. If you feel that your family is in need of protection for any reason contact us for help.
  • Estate Armed Protection: If you have a contractual dispute or fear intrusion, we are here to protect your estate in temporary situations. We can also provide protection while you’re away from your home.
  • Asset Armed Protection: In certain situations, it’s necessary to move assets from one location to another. If you need to do this and would like extra protection — or if you feel your assets are in a vulnerable position — call us for help. We’ll discuss temporary solutions to your problem and give you extra peace of mind.

If you’re in need of armed protection for any reason, call Alternative Crisis Solutions today for a free consultation. Our armed security service cannot be beat.

More about our team

Our professional agents are trained to stay on top of any situation and to observe everything around them, quickly pinpointing suspicious circumstances. We will help keep you, your business and your family safe.

High-profile business executives know that there may come a time when they feel threatened, either by someone within the company, an upset customer or another issue entirely. Because the buck stops with you (and everyone knows it), you may want extra protection at times. If something has happened that makes you want to consider having an armed agent present, call us.

When it comes to family protection, nothing is more important. We’ll treat each family member with friendliness and professionalism, while also assessing what potential security risks might be evident. Our agents are here to help you rest easier, knowing that your loved ones are safe.

Each member of our team is highly skilled when it comes to offering personal, armed protection. We understand that in certain critical situations, mere seconds matter. We are trained to assess any threat and to react quickly and with sound judgment, drawing off of our military backgrounds and other experience.

Are you feeling threatened by someone who is harassing, stalking or blackmailing you? These are situations that should not be taken lightly. Along with getting to the bottom of the issue, our team will also provide extra protection if you’re feeling like you’re in danger from the person.

At Alternative Crisis Solutions, we understand that every situation is different. We’ll work with your needs for armed protection and will be there when you need us, handling each case with professionalism and great attention to detail. Contact us today for the type of armed security service in Denver you can trust.

Remember, we are here for you when police assistance has ended, is not enough, or is not an option. It’s our mission to provide you with sound advice, solutions to your issue and ultimate peace of mind. Call us today for a free consultation.